SFT Android Mobile Computers

Smart RFID UHF Scanners are with 4G, wifi wireless connection for real time management; android newest version; Long distance tag reading capacity; Fast laser barcode scanner; BEIDOU GPS supported; Big battery and Industrial IP67 Design.

SFT Android Mobile Computers



As a leading Industrial Data collector company in China, Feigete Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional provider of RFID, Barcode scanner and Biometric products and solutions. Our products fit for many industrials such as Retail, Warehousing, Logistics, Manufacturing, Finance, Healthcare, state grids etc.

  • SFT RFID PDA assists traffic police in mobile law enforcement, greatly improving law enforcement efficiency
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  • SFT RFID PDA assists traffic police in mobile law enforcement, greatly improving law enforcement efficiency

    With the widespread popularity and application of smart mobile terminals, traffic police law enforcement has introduced PDA-based handheld law enforcement terminals. SFT RFID PDA has emerged as a game-changer for traffic police, revolutionizing mobile law enforcement and...

  • SFT RFID Manufacturer National Labor Day Notice

    SFT, a leading RFID technology company, has announced plans to celebrate the upcoming National Labor Day from May 1st to May 5th, 2024.   SF517 Handheld UHF Scanner, mobile computer reader, warehouse barcode scanner is highly sensitive with a reading range up to 25m. Android 10.0/13.0 OS, Super ...

  • LF RFID animal ear tags: protect animal health, technology leads the future!

    RFID technology is a technology that transmits data through radio waves. It uses radio frequency signals and spatial coupling and transmission characteristics to achieve automatic identification of stationary or moving items. The reason why RFID technology can become mor...

  • More Efficient and Comprehensive, SFT Unveils Android 13 industrial Tablet of model SF817

    SFT, a leading technology company, has unveiled its latest industrial tablet of Model No SF817, which powered by the highly anticipated Android 13.0 OS. This high-performance terminal boasts octa-core 2.0 GHz processor with options of 4+64GB or 6+128GB storage, ensuring smooth and faster operatio...

  • SFT RFID leading UHF RFID Terminal Manufacture announces its Spring Festival Holiday

    SFT RFID, a leading UHF RFID Terminal Manufacturer and a key player in the RFID industry, recently announced that they would celebrate their traditional Chinese New Year holiday from 07th Feb- 17th Feb, 2024. Therefore, the production line will be closed from 30th Jan to 17th Feb. During this per...